Trekking Adventure in Mt. Anggas

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The mountain is calling… and I can’t resist it.

Morning view of Mt. Anggas in Gitagum Libertad, Misamis Oriental
Early morning view of Mt. Anggas in Gitagum Libertad, Misamis Oriental

If you are looking for an easy trek, Mt. Anggas is a perfect destination.

The trekking site is very accessible and you can bring your vehicles to the very foot of the mountain. It is located in the hinterlands of Gitagum and Libertad, towns of Misamis Oriental.

For more information on Gitagum tourism, contact the Municipal Tourism Office at (+63) 997 748 2955.

At the peak of Mount Anggas

As summer is now fast approaching, you must be thinking of a fun activity to do. Forget about gadgets, computers, and online games.

Go out, stretch your legs, sweat it out, and breathe the fresh air. Mt. Anggas is a perfect place for camping and trekking adventures.

Camping essentials during this trekking adventure

Just a few tips on what to bring:

  • Umbrella (I’m really glad we came prepared since the rain is unexpected)
  • Trail Food (chocolates, jelly ace, biscuit)
  • Flashlight (this is a night trek so it’s really such a hassle if you won’t bring any light with you. The trail is dark and you cannot hope for your co-hikers to light your way coz it’s never enough)
  • Utensils (spoon/hand gloves for eating, mug for coffee and hot drinks)
  • Water
  • Extra Clothes (1 pair is enough for an overnight stay; remember to always pack light)
  • Cooking Tools (portable stove, butane, caldron, & other essentials )
  • Tent (also includes sleeping bag, blanket, pillow, insulators, and others)

Before the actual trek, we stopped over at Lasang Park in Initao where we planned to meet some friends who later joined us in this adventure.

We played skateboarding, swam in the ocean with the sunset view, and chilled around in the comforts of old and new friends. I had the best time of my life.

After the chill time in Lasang, we head over to the Amarga residence where we enjoyed the glamourous wall painting, their version of a mini treehouse, and a warm dump in their swimming pool.

We were supposed to start the hike at 6 pm. But it was raining so heavily that night. The rain was too heavy that I even thought of backing out.

I am just so fortunate to be with highly-spirited people who did not give in to my negative thoughts. Instead, we stopped over to have our coffee in one of the houses. I am so impressed by how friendly and accommodating the locals were to us.

We started hiking at 8 pm. There is still light rain but we decided to pursue it. I was having a hard time maintaining my speed because of the heavy fogs. The chilly wind did not help at all.

12 midnight at the peak of Mt. Anggas

After about two hours of hiking, we finally reached the peak. As soon as we arrived, we started preparing our dinner.

Sarah brought fairy lights. She assembled it around the tent and made it look so magical.

At midnight, we celebrated Teshang’s birthday. It was such a magical moment for all of us. It must be a wonderful experience for the birthday celebrant, too.

morning cup of coffee

Then the morning sun came. It was one of the most beautiful mornings of my life. The view was breathtaking, the fresh air was soothing, and I felt so contented and calm to be there.

After we had our breakfast, we started hiking down. While on the trail downhill, I can’t help but get amazed by the stunning view of the mountains.

I didn’t get the chance to appreciate its beauty when we were climbing up because of the heavy fogs.

We finally arrived downhill at 8:45 am. We then took a dip in the ocean. It was such a refreshing swim! From the mountains of Anggas to the white sand beach of Initao — -what a thrill Sunday morning we had!

If you want to see our adventure in live action, here is a video of our overnight trekking and camping adventure:

Happy Viewing!



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